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Business Plan, Project Report Review, Investor Presentation Services

Letter of Intent & Sales Contract Review

This fixed price service includes  reviewing your  Letter of Intent and/or sales contract for potential opportunities and risk areas and offering changes, comments, and additions to improve the product.

This service is great insurance and can  save a bad investment or gain you significant savings and future returns.

The report will include recommendations on managing closing and the documents to better secure your position should issues develop post closing with the  seller’s turn over of the property.

DELIVERABLE:  Comment Report Provided within 2 business days of assignment.

VALUE:  Great insurance with returns from recent projects of 100X +.

PRICE:  $400.00

CALL OR EMAIL – 703-473-4354 or

Due Diligence & Due Diligence Report

This service is a 4 day  on project inspection that includes:

  • Arriving on a Thursday and remaining on site for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and leaving Sunday.  The purpose is to be able to observe the property for a full cycle of weekday and weekend activity and including all times of day.
  • The report will include photos of each building, of the  entire property, of the vehicles of the residents, of residential activities on the property.
  • The entire property will be walked, drainage checked, paving checked, condition of sidewalks observed, each building reviewed carefully, a variety of units inspected.
  • Competing properties will be visited and customer service assessed, pricing and concessions collected, photos taken, units visited as a prospect, and amenities and services annotated.
  • The surrounding neighborhoods will be walked, photos taken, observations made.
  • The local police will be visited and crime information on the property and the surrounding community detailed.
  • Local schools will be visited, testing results collected to the extent available.
  • Major employers and employment areas identified and as much information developed as possible.
  • Local entertainment, dining, shopping and services will be identified, photos taken, major cross streets identified or addresses given where appropriate.
  • Other project specific requests as mutually agreed with the client.

DELIVERABLE:  Due Diligence report with all of the described items provided.  The report will be complete within 3 business days of the  return from the trip.

VALUE:  Typically, this  report will offer costs savings, income opportunities, risk mitigation and general project effectiveness and efficiency gains worth several times the cost.  This service is valuable for properties 35 units or greater in size and should return 3X to 4X the cost in all cases and often is recovered in the  first month post closing.

PRICE:  $50 / hour for travel, $750 per day of visit, $1,500 for report preparation, plus travel and expense cost.  $4,500 + Expenses

CALL OR EMAIL – 703-473-4354 or

Executive Summary

We will prepare a 1 to 3 page executive summary of your  business plan.  This summary will provide an investor ready brief that can be used to close investors and support lending packages.

Typically preparing the executive summary requires 1 business day  for the draft and will be final with comments 1 business day  following.

DELIVERABLE:  1-3 page executive summary.

VALUE:  A sharp brief executive summary can be the difference when seeking new investors or seeking a loan.

PRICE:  $300

CALL OR EMAIL – 703-473-4354 or

Business Plans & Offering Review

We can prepare the entire business plan or can review and comment on your business plan.  If we prepare the business plan, you will need to provide the  key property information and describe in detail your concept.

Our business plans receive strong reviews from banks, private lenders and investors.  We can save you many hours in preparation and strengthen your presentation.

DELIVERABLE:  An edited business plan with extensive comments on changes or modifications to your own plan.  Or with all the background information, a description of your plan, and your financial model (or have us develop the model), we will write the  entire plan.

VALUE:  Our editorial recommendations will make the  presentation investor and lender ready improving your closing package.

If we prepare the business plan, we will save you many hours  work and allow you to focus on executing your business.  Typically, plan concepts will save the  cost of producing the business plan 4X – 10X ($100,000 in gained future value and $5,000 savings or additional profit in the first quarter of operation).


Review – $400

Full Plan – $5,000 – $10,000 firm quote after we complete a review of your objectives.

CALL OR EMAIL – 703-473-4354 or

Market Studies

We prepare a full market study that includes:

  • A full market review of demographic, income, employment, and other items by zip code and area,
  • Review of local economic news, transportation, and education,
  • Discussion of the market with the local Chamber of Commerce,
  • Shopping calls to competing properties,
  • Will develop market area reputation discussion and property specific reputation information,
  • Will speak to current residents and include discussion,
  • Overnight trip and tour of the area with photos,
  • Collect traffic information from DOT for nearest routes, and
  • Collect outdoor signage traffic facts from major providers

Prepare a market summary and sales plan specific to the target property.

DELIVERABLE:  Full detailed market study with detailed competing project information and a full sales plan for the project.

VALUE:  Can add $100s of thousands of value to a property and can prevent making a failed investment.

PRICE:  $7,500 plus travel and  expenses.  ($1,000 discount if completed in conjunction with due  diligence).

CALL OR EMAIL – 703-473-4354 or

Property  Inspection:

The inspection includes walking the entire property and preparing punch lists for all outdoor fixtures and systems, for fences, for signage, for lighting, for each unit (drywall, plumbing, electrical, cabinets, bathrooms, fixtures, flooring, and carpet), for all appliances, for each roof, for each building exterior (masonry, foundation), air conditioning and heating, and for paving.


Spreadsheet punch lists.  Estimates can be prepared at an additional cost.


The greatest value is avoiding under funding a project and in assuring the capital success by making the needed changes to make a property successful.

PRICE: $750 per day  plus travel plus $1,000 to assemble the final report.  The inspection  typically requires 1 day per 100 units and there is a 1 day minimum.  Travel time is billed at $30 per hour.

CALL OR EMAIL – 703-473-4354 or

Loan Package Preparation or Oversight

We can orchestrate or assemble and create your complete loan package including personal financial statements, business financials, tax documents, etc. and present them to your lender.


  • The  reviewed loan package or
  • The  complete, assembled, and reviewed loan package


You can enjoy the confidence of having a proven resource assemble and deliver a complete loan package.


  • Reviewed package $500
  • Complete package $2,000 with a detailed scope of work.

CALL OR EMAIL – 703-473-4354 or

Financial Models, Sources and Uses, Return Calculations, Pro Forma Projections


  • Upon providing detailed financial assumptions and historical financials.  We will prepare a complete set of financial models.  If assumptions are not available, we will complete an assumptions interview and prepare the same.


  • Confidence and comfort of a bank ready financial package prepared by proven professional resources.  You will spend 2x to 4x the time and we can do it for less.


  • Assumptions interview – $200.00
  • Financial Model – $2,000.00

CALL OR EMAIL – 703-473-4354 or

Appraisal Review

We will review and provide key issues and facts for you to be aware of including differences from your own model and differences from industry and local norms.


Review report


Typically, we can gain 5% to 20% on the value proposed by the appraisal if needed.



CALL OR EMAIL – 703-473-4354 or

Property Condition Report Review

We provide a detailed review of the immediate and longer term improvements.  Our review recommends likely areas to improve costs over projections and provides recommendations regarding how to manage the required improvements in your business plan and financial models.


A multipage report providing the information described above.


Typically, our recommendations will save significantly on the per unit reserve and can be used to successfully accomplish this goal with your lender.  Savings are likely significantly more than the report costs – 10X or greater.



CALL OR EMAIL – 703-473-4354 or

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