Tuesday January 23rd 2018

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IRREIA – Real Deal Investment Club (RDIC)

IRREIA is excited to bring an investment club to the online world. We believe the Real Deal Investment Club (RDIC) “Online” is a key component to making your investing goals reality. We have chosen a very local Washington, DC investment club because:

  • The club has 100s of members!
  • The club is time proven successful!
  • The club provides you the networking opportunity you need!
  • The club brings innovative investment experience!
  • The club brings value added training and services for your investment needs.

The RDIC “Online” offers investors:

  • Monthly webinar meeting
  • SME talk
  • Networking
  • Discounted classes
  • All the benefits of IRREIA

Membership Fee

  • $1.o0 for the first month and $29.95 per month, or
  • $1.o0 for the first month and $29.95 per month
Monthly Membership – $1.00 for month 1 & $29.95 per month Annual Membership – $1.00 for month one & $300.00 per year
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IRREIA and RDIC is franchising local chapters. Leaders should:

  • Have an extensive investor network
  • Deliver proven investment skills
  • Demonstrate an ability to manage and build a club
  • Be prepared to add their network to the IRREIA as free members

Local Chapter Membership is $249 annually (United States). IRREIA and RDIC will negotiate special country rates.

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  1. Kip Boler says:

    this article was exactly what i’ve been looking for! I found this blog bookmarked by a friend of mine. I’ll also share it. thanks!

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