Monday December 18th 2017

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Buying Rental Properties: Tips From a Property Management Company

Buying Rental Properties: Tips From a Property Management Company

Buying Rental Properties: Tips From a Property Management Company by Christopher Benedict as posted on The  Apartment Owners Association Blog Buying rental properties can be a great way to build your wealth. However, as in most real estate investments, it is sometimes difficult to know if you’ve found a good deal – especially the first [...]

Rental Investing is a Team Sport

Rental Investing is a Team Sport

Residential or multifamily investing is a team sport. Success depends on being able to produce the right information, complete the right analysis, and deliver the right operational results. Without, these and other support, investors struggle and can easily fail. For this reason, investors should consider an association or group that can deliver [...]

Protect Your Residential Investment Cash Flow and Asset Value

Protect Your Residential Investment Cash Flow and Asset Value

Mortgage resets do not  close the high volume to be adjusted until 2012.  Some suggest  the  "bottom" for residential real estate is  still a decade away.  At the same time, rental vacancy  is currently at a high and may  worsen some before beginning to recover. Understanding the dynamic of existing vacancy, prospective continuing fall [...]


Due diligence is a great time to capture a photo perspective of the property.  Photos should accomplish a number of items: The best faces of the property will give a good start for the property website later.  These photos may be where you begin before you are able to capture professional staged photos of views and residents later on. Photos [...]

2009 Wrap Up

During 2009, we've seen many projects run into problems as loans came due and changing values, changing ratio requirements for Debt Service Coverage, changing Loan to Value expectations, softening occupancy, and other issues began driving ever larger numbers of multfamily projects into default and into foreclosure. For 2010, the industry must [...]

2010 Multifamily Due Diligence Discussion Overview

Earlier today, I completed a post outlining critical due diligence areas for investors.  I will be using this broad "outline" of topics to guide and complete a detailed review of critical investor due diligence considerations. If any would like to participate in this, please offer comments to the original article or as we cover items, I'll be [...]

Investor Due Diligence Requires Detailed Understanding of Improvement Plans

As an investor, improvement plans require close examination.  Without examing actual contractors bids, resumes, human resource requirements, and costs, this can be disasterous. Here are some thoughts of mine from a recent ezine article I prepared: An important investment consideration is the construction and improvement plan. This plan must be [...]

Signage is Often Under Used by Apartment Complexes

Signage remains one of the most effective advertising modes available to businesses. However, the advertising campaign often gets little attention during due diligence and along with this fact signage is often left to wait for a post closing day. The wise investor will have their eye on this requirement while completing due diligence. Identifying [...]

Key Areas of Due Diligence

When thinking of due diligence, investors need to consider the main areas that determine a successful investment.  From our perspective this includes: The sales contract and legal issues, Market factors, Physical property factors, Resident base (current and planned), Local tenant rights, Local tax factors, Local and property crime [...]

Join the Discussion about Due Diligence Processes, Issues, Services, Etc.

Today's financial and business environment demands greater attention to detail, better analysis, improved tools and processes for due diligence.  This blog is intended to begin filling the void. Additionally, this site complimentary to the Apartment Industry Due Diligence Group recently founded there.