Monday December 18th 2017

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IRREIA is Proud to Sponsor Our New Book Coming Very Soon

IRREIA is Proud to Sponsor Our New Book Coming Very Soon

IRREIA is in the final stages of publishing our first Ebook for our readers and members.  This volume offers over 250 pages of actionable ideas to improve your investing and property management skills and results.  Divided into 7  sections, the  book covers: Developing investors, Investor communications, Reducing operating [...]

You Bought It… Now What

You Bought It… Now What

So, you identified the project.  The market research and other due diligence checked out.  You even reached terms that suited you.  So what now?  If you don't create a successful management plan you'll soon experience your first real estate failure.  Or, perhaps you've had several investments already.  Are you getting all from these projects [...]

Tenant Rights Law and Rent Control

I'll explore this more in the future, but would like to introduce the idea that  a key critical component of due diligence when considering a new market in a new jurisdiction is tenant rights. Tenant rights always drive regulation and management of the eviction process.  Therefore, you should place this front in center if you are buying your [...]

Resident Quality

Resident quality is a critical due diligence item.   There are a number of steps that should be taken prior to taking ownership: Verify income qualifications, Run criminal background checks for each resident, and Run credit checks for each residents Look at the aging reports to identify potential credit resident issues. A next step is to [...]