Wednesday January 24th 2018

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‘02 - Project Identification and Qualification’ Archives

2010 Multifamily Due Diligence Discussion Overview

Earlier today, I completed a post outlining critical due diligence areas for investors.  I will be using this broad "outline" of topics to guide and complete a detailed review of critical investor due diligence considerations. If any would like to participate in this, please offer comments to the original article or as we cover items, I'll be [...]

General Guide to Multifamily Investment Due Diligence

Successful multifamily investment requires careful consideration of a range of areas supported by carefully prepared information, research, and analysis for these areas. This is known as the due diligence process. A well executed due diligence assures appropriate funding, strengthens the total financial plan and therefore potential returns, and [...]

Understand Expenses Based On Your Own Experience and Not on History

During the course of pursuing a new acquisition years ago, the seller of a property that had my attention responded to my request for historical expenses in an unusual, but in my opinion, insightful way. The seller's response was that if the buyer didn't understand what the expenses would be then he/she should not be considering such a purchase. [...]

Site Inspection – The Units

Effective due diligence requires a unit by unit inspection noting by individual component, subsystem and material current conditions and improvements necessary for optimum operation and capital planning. Info should be collected of actual dimension and exact location of all items including: plumbing types and condition, electric including [...]

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