Monday December 18th 2017

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Disclaimer Statement

IRREIA provides tools, documents, and information to assist the investor.  While these tools offer the potential of improved project planning and therefore project results, these items do not in any way take the place of careful diligence on the part of the principal, other investors or managers.  IRREIA recommends that anyone or any organization using these documents take the time to:

  • Carefully assure the information collected is complete.
  • Seek outside review and advice to the fullest extent possible to verify all facts, assumption, and conclusions independently.
  • Seek outside counsel to review organizational documents, prepare securities documents, complete loan documents, review seller documents, review title documents and surveys, and any other documents, forms, or reports prepared inconjunction with an agreement.
  • To the extent that this statement seems to exclude documents, research, or analysis that may effect or be required by your potential transaction, the investor, principal, and manager or other involved parties should always seek as much advice and counsel as possible.

These tools do not in any way relieve the need for careful, professional diligence.

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