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Rental Investing is a Team Sport | International Residential Real Estate Investors Association
Friday November 24th 2017

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Rental Investing is a Team Sport

Residential or multifamily investing is a team sport. Success depends on being able to produce the right information, complete the right analysis, and deliver the right operational results. Without, these and other support, investors struggle and can easily fail. For this reason, investors should consider an association or group that can deliver the tools, education, partnerships, affiliations, and services needed to succeed. The International Residential Real Estate Investors Association (IRREIA) is a great source for much of the team investors need to gather this.

Secondarily, investors need to consider the cost of the team. An individual who attempts to collect these resources on their own will quickly find the prospect of profits consumed by the cost of support needed to close, operate, and eventually sell the investment. This makes associations supporting these points like the IRREIA a great place to share the expense cooperatively with your fellow investors completing projects all over the United States or internationally.

Next, investors should not under estimate the cost of experience. A good partner can suggest ideas that can increase revenues substantially, reduce investment risk, assure success, or cut costs. All of which can be invaluable.

For example, in one case our accountant had the experience to suggest changes to an insurance policy on a small property we operate cutting costs by over 70%. In another case, a partner had the foresight to maintain a property as many separate plots. When the county attempted to pay a pittance for a right of way claiming they were only using a small part of ground, we were able to claim that they were actually destroying a developable plot and received over 10X the original offer in payment. In fact, hardly a week goes by that I don’t stumble onto one idea or another to more effectively operate our properties.

The IRREIA is an organization that provides members a great way to take advantage of these kinds of experiences from a larger group of similarly minded investors and partners.

Blake Ratcliff

The Real Estate Guy

“The IRREIA - Making residential real estate investing more fun and rewarding
through better education, tools, information, and networking!”


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3 Responses to “Rental Investing is a Team Sport”

  1. Blake,

    This site is absolutely jam packed with incredible, timely and extremely valuable information, tools, tips, resourses just to name a few. As a multi-unit investor I so agree with you that investing is a “team sport!” It requires you to constantly build and nurture these invaluable relationships where you live, work and play. We like to refer to these folks as our “Power Teams!” in the different markets where we invest.
    Congratulations on your new site and I look forward to being a part of this community.

    Until Then…
    Tammy Phelps
    Capstone Investment Acquisitions

  2. chips zynga says:

    lol quite a few of the opinions individuals write are kinda silly, there are times i ask myself if they actually read the documents and content before posting or if perhaps they just simply skim the titles and submit the very first thing that pops into their brain. nevertheless, it is really relaxing to look over intelligent commentary once in a while in contrast to the exact same, old blog vomit that i typically discover on the web i’m off to enjoy a couple of hands of zynga poker have a pleasant day

    • Real Estate Investor says:

      Chip, this site attempts to appeal to quite a few folks. I’d be interested in your opinion of a case study I expect to post this week. The case study is of a young college graduate who has managed to purchase her first condo and is making it into her first real estate investment to her significant economic gain immediately. Drop me your email and I’ll send you a copy as it won’t be generally available except to paid members.

      Thanks for your interest in our work.

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